How to make your rental feel like home

You might think you don’t have quite as many options for personalizing a rental as you have with a place you own that allows you to paint, hang permanent architectural fixtures, or knock out walls. But you do have one of the very best things for creating a personalized space that’s all your own: a neutral color pallet! The neutral and stylish backdrop at the Traditions at Slate Ridge apartments allows you to experiment with daring patterns and textures you might not be able to pull off with darker paint or other accents. Here are some ways to use your own lighting, wall art, and other special elements to make your apartment your own personal showcase. 


The neutral light fixtures that come with your apartment should be considered a jumping-off point for adding your own unique lighting features. Task lighting, or lights that are meant to help perform a specific task in a room, help add personality. Floor and desk lamps are terrific space-savers, and incorporating your own bulbs adds warmth and flair. 

Gallery wall

A gallery wall featuring treasured art pieces and personal photos is one of the best ways to make a rental feel like your own, and a mixture of colorful and eclectic frames can add contrast and color in a way that a basic color pallet cannot. 

Unique themed displays

Personalizing a reading nook, corner, or entry to your apartment is a great way to make a space feel homey. Consider pairing a live or fake house plant with a unique art piece or floating shelf and tying them together with a seat or side table displaying family photos, antiques, or collectibles. 


Bringing a unique stool, shelf, or trunk into a space like a bathroom or a kitchen adds a personal touch and also offers additional surfaces to place frequently-used items. 

Also, consider adding funky seating in your kitchen or living area where visitors can kick back and relax. Place some colorful ottomans around the room, or make a statement with a set of modern, unconventional bar stools.

Discover Traditions at Slate Ridge

We’re ready to welcome you home! Take a look at our photo gallery and start imagining what you could do with this space. If you’re ready to take a tour, call us at (614) 860-1919.

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