Arranging Your New Space When You’ve Upsized

So you’re thinking about upgrading to a larger apartment or townhome– congratulations! Larger living spaces like the townhomes of Traditions at Slate Ridge might have features like a private patio, a basement with a fireplace, and an abundance of storage and walk-in closets. The extra space might actually seem a little overwhelming if you’ve previously been accustomed to cozier quarters, but not to worry– we’ve gathered some practical advice for making the move to a larger home without breaking the bank. 

Determine what’s missing

It might take arranging all of your existing furniture and decor to figure out what’s missing. If you’ve placed all of your furniture and some areas look a little sparse, you may get a better idea of how you’d like to use that space. 

If you’re moving to a place with an additional bedroom, decide whether you’ll use it for a guest room or for some other purpose. And remember, you don’t have to buy all of your new furniture and decor at once! Sometimes waiting a few months while you settle into your new space helps solidify your vision of how you want it to look. 

Create individual spaces

When confronted with a large, empty room, consider dividing the space into several smaller areas designed for different purposes or activities. 

If your bedroom is now larger than it was in your old apartment, you can designate a space for a reading nook, or a work or craft space. A big kitchen is a perfect area for a breakfast table and coffee bar, and a spacious living room can be made into smaller zones perfect for intimate conversation when you have guests. 

If you have a basement like some of the floor plans at Traditions at Slate Ridge, you can create your own unique and multifunctional space for movies, games, and conversation. 

Last, home decor experts advise never pushing all your furniture back against the wall, which can make a large space feel less intimate.

Use storage wisely

You may think all the additional space you have means you don’t have to be careful about storage, but when you live in a home with multiple floors, using your storage wisely is often the key to creating functional, flowing spaces around your home. (And also avoiding running up or downstairs unnecessarily!) 

Use your open shelving for things you don’t mind people seeing when they come over, and hide your clutter in the closets and cabinets. Remember how each space should have a purpose, and be sure to store the items you need for that purpose nearby. For example, if your living room is where you host guests for game night, you don’t want to store the games, music, and extra seating in a closet upstairs. 

Pull it all together

Now that you’ve created smaller functional spaces within your larger rooms and organized your storage to accommodate those needs, you’ll want to tie each room together with some unifying decorative elements and accents. The Traditions at Slate Ridge apartments have a modern, neutral color palette allowing you to use your furniture and decor to enhance the space and create a cohesive theme for each room. 

Large items, such as a sofa, area rug, large wall hanging or even a recurring pattern or color scheme can tie the room together, while grouping similar, smaller items in your designated spaces will help define your different zones (vases, books, and smaller pieces of art, decor, or furniture). 

Come see Traditions in Reynoldsburg

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